Using the latest technology that the industry has to offer, Magpie Security Ltd have been able to create 2 x Mobile CCTV Vehicles that act as a high visual deterrent when placed in strategic locations to provide a high level of asset protection.

CCTV is now recognised throughout the private security industry for the prevention and detection of crime, it may also be used to monitor events and public meetings, maintaining a safe and secure environment having the capabilities to record images throughout the duration of the monitoring process. These images may be used by the Local Authority/Police to identify personnel out to cause disruption or criminal activity.

CCTV cameras can serve as a dual purpose. Firstly, they have a deterrent effect, as wrong-doers are likely to avoid areas where they may be caught on camera. Secondly, film footage of a crime being committed can help to ensure that the criminal is convicted.

Inside our CCTV Vehicle CCTV Mobile View


CCTV Vehicle Specification:
-Infer Red PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom)

-X4 Infer Red 360 Dome Cameras enabling all round vision.

-X1 40 inch Monitor with split screen viewing option.

-X1 Joy-stick allowing the opportunity to operate the PTZ (CCTV License Required)

-X1 DVR for internal storage and playback/recording facility.

-Solar panel, allowing 72 hours of remote viewing without the need of the engine allowing total silence in built up areas.

-Fully sign written making it identifiable and that CCTV is in operation.

-Full remote viewing and operation with IP option to view from anywhere in the UK

The Magpie Security Ltd Mobile CCTV Vehicle has previously been used at:

-Commercial Developments

-Community Protection Schemes

-Constructions Sites

-Council Projects


-Music Events

-Residential Developments

-Rail/Tram Infrastructure

-Sporting Events

What our Customers Think:

“The Magpie Security Mobile CCTV unit was successfully used on the Nottingham Tram project to reduce anti-social behaviour and attention from the criminal fraternity. I would highly recommend this security solutions for its versatile approach and combination of security features”

Mr. Paul Mullins
Head of Security for NET Project
Taylor Woodrow

Nottingham Transport Express Taylor Woodrow
A few of our valued clients