Key Holding Services

Locks and Unlocks

The Magpie Security keyholding service can not only eliminate the inconvenience of false alarm activations, but also assist you in exercising your Duty of Care to your employees by removing the physical risk they may face as the result of a genuine activation.

Most employers will allocate a member of staff on a rota basis to attend an alarm activation to the business premises. Alarms have a habit of activating in the wee small hours which adds to the uncertainty of the cause. Lone workers attending the premises may be exposed to a duress situation whereby alerting the authorities may not be possible or they may be greeted by hostility whilst on site.

In the event of your alarm being activated, our 24 hour rapid response unit will liaise with your Alarm Receiving Centre, verify the cause of the activation and if necessary, liaise with the police, alarm companies and repair contractors on your behalf, to resecure your premises as quickly as possible.

There may also be occasions where you require building access by employees, contractors or other visitors outside of normal hours. Magpie Security will look after your keys and provide lock and unlock services for your premises.

Magpie Security can provide authorised access to tradesmen in emergencies relating to facilities such as water or gas/electric etc. Magpie Security Ltd will assess your premises, the threat and risk of un authorised access and advise you on the best possible solution at highly competitive rates.

If you do not have CCTV on site or perhaps an upgrade is required , we can provide you with a competitive system quote.

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